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Hi there i have taken my Citreon Saxo to my local garage 3 times now to fix airbag light problem wont go out. 1st they said it was lose wire under car seat it didnt fix it then they said it was passanger buckle changed it still got problem then they said its driver side changed it and week later its back again. Im getting so annoyed with it as its starting cost me so much money and it seems my mechanics dont have a clie what it is also and keep coming up with different problems and it does not work.

I am not going to say that your local garage may be unqualified to find the root cause. Situations like these sometimes arise that make it a better choice to choose a Citroen specialist or dealership service department.. Considering they are generally working on a specific brand, the technicians can at times be better in diagnosing recurring issues as they may have seen them more frequently than a technician or repair shop that works on any brand of vehicle. While it’s not impossible to see multiple components in the same system fail, odds are that when multiple faults are seen in the same system, The components flagged by a fault code may not be the actual issue. Simply looking at the system and saying "The fault codes are set for component A,B, and C, so we will replace components A,B, and C", may not correct the underlying issue. There may be a more extensive wiring issue, or a fault in the airbag control module itself. Find a specialist or dealership, set an appointment and explain what was already done in attempt to rectify the issue.

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