It's a 2007 Chrysler [300](/topics-300/) originally it th...

It's a 2007 Chrysler [300](/topics-300/) originally it threw p30 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Chrysler 300 yourself? What have you tried so far? P300. Misfire I've replaced valve cover gaskets coils spark plu...

It's a 2007 Chrysler [300](/topics-300/) originally it threw p30 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Chrysler 300 yourself? What have you tried so far? P300. Misfire I've replaced valve cover gaskets coils spark plugs new oil new actuator and the one beside it I've replaced the throttle body sensor on the manifold I've checked all grounds cleaned disconnected and reconnect all plug ina and connectors and cleaned then and it has a brand new [battery](/topics-battery-chrysler/). Went to start it started right up then 2 secs later diea and won't start but it wants to so bad. Only code it's throwing is the [o2 sensor](/topics-o2-sensor/) ones. The key is bent and the fob is battery is dead. But it has red flashing light then goes away and the check [engine](/topics-engine-chrysler/) start blinking and then stops and starts again. So wyd Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? Won't start

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Hello, welcome and thanks for asking your question. My name is\*\*\*\*\*'ll be assisting you with your question today. Please give me a few moments to review your question. Also keep in mind that I do not know your skill level or abilities so I may be asking a lot of questions before I can answer. In some cases we may need to respond to each other quite a bit before I can come up with a possible solution for you. As far as phone calls, If you didn't request it, it is most likely the Website prompting you, not me. A Live Call is a "Premium Service" and will cost more money. I prefer communicating via this site, but in some cases a phone call may be recommended. Would you say that the red flashing light is a dot? If so, this is the security light. If this light flashes when the key is in the run position it is telling you that there is a malfunction with the Immobilizer system. To find out what is wrong, you must scan vehicle for codes using a capable scan tool. If you post these codes here, I'll help you figure out what is wrong... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

It's red flashing lighting bolt then it goes away after replacing everythibg and resetting everything the only code it throws is a the o2 sensor code
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Ok, that is the Electronic Throttle Control Light. What is the actual "P Code" that comes up for the O2 sensor? Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

It's the high and low Bank circuit on the passenger side so it's both O2 sensors what sensor can keep the vehicle from starting is the question,? the throttle body is brand new that's on the intake the pedal is not all the fuses have switched them out they're all brand new everything's new
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Can you post the last 8 digits of the VIN and the miles on the odometer so that I can do some research on this concern for you? Neither of the O2 sensors can cause a no start but a NEW throttle body that has NOT been calibrated yet may in fact cause a no start along with the Lightning Bolt staying on.. At this time, I recommend to tow it to a dealer and have them perform the "LEARN ETC" function using the factory scan tool. Once this is done, the vehicle should start... If you can post the actual "P CODE" that comes up for the O2 sensor I may be able to help you figure out what needs to be done about the O2 sensor.. Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

I'm replacing them I'm not taking it to a Chrysler dealer who's going to charge me a hundred million dollars to tell me the same things I already know so if you have any other advice it'd be greatly appreciated
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You will need to find someone that has a HIGH END scan tool that is capable of running the "LEARN ETC" function so that the Electronic Throttle will be learned by the PCM. I am fairly certain that since this has not been performed this is what is keeping it from starting. You can test this by reinstalling the OLD Throttle Body and see if it starts with the old one installed... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

It didn't start with the old one
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Do you have a list of codes that were retrieved in the beginning when all this started? I need the P codes please (p0137, P0300, etc.) Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

Yep p0300 p0137 I'll fix one code then it throws another one
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Do you have access to a scan tool that can read live data? We need to find out if both cam and crank sensor signals are present and in sync... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert Can you post the last 8 digits of the VIN and the miles on the odometer so that I can do some research on this concern for you? This will help me determine which engine is in your vehicle and vehicle options. If not, Can you post the engine size? Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

It's a 3.5 v6 chrysler 300It has 155 miles on it
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Has the [timing belt](/topics-timing-belt-chrysler/) ever been replaced?

It's fine and noIi have a scanner with live data but it doesn't start
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With that many miles the timing belt may be brittle and it is possible that it lost a few teeth and jumped time. If your scan tool can read live data, put it on the screen where you can see cam and crank sensor signals and whether they are in sync. Once the screen displays this info attempt to start the engine and while it is cranking, check for cam and crank signals and to see if they are in sync. If you are not able to use a scan tool to do this, remove the timing cover to inspect the timing belt to see if it has jumped timing... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

What would they be abbreviation asCan u revive a Video
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CMP for Cam position sensor and CKP for crank position sensor. If you can post a video to youtube and a link here, I can view the video and let you know my thoughts... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

I sent a video and my live data isn't showing a option for those
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Did you send it to Youtube? I need you to post a link to your video here so that I can view it.... I also need to let you know that my responses may be delayed because I may be helping another customer, or I may be temporarily offline. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you... Robert What is the make and model of your scan tool? Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

It's new from O'Reilly's man
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What is the brand name and model number of your scan tool? This will help me to determine the capabilities of the tool.

What sensor can keep the car from starting
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Cam sensor and crank sensor can keep the vehicle from starting this is why I'm wanting you to monitor the cam/crank signals and sync information.

It doesn't have them.nit I got new sensors
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Are you stating that you already installed new cam and crank sensors?

No but I can
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I'd hate to have you just throwing parts at it. At this point we need to know if these signals are present and the only way is with a capable scan tool. Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

It's obd2 code readee

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---\>\> [**Click Here to view**]( \<\<---(Right click and open in new tab) Here is the diag procedure for P0137 This code will not cause a no start issue but replacing the O2 sensor may solve the P0137 Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

Would fuel injectors cause it not to start because when I cleaned em I might not have them back in right or they may be no good but it's not throwing that code. It was running for a while with a misfire and one night I was coming home and got to atopy sign went to turn without stopping and it died in mid turn and hasn't started but twice since then. It started both times when I sprayed some starting fluid. Around throttlw body
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Very possible or you have a failed fuel pump. When you cleaned the injectors did you find debris on the inlet side of the injectors? If so, you likely need to drop the fuel tank and clean it out. Also if this is the case, replacing the fuel pump while the tank is out is definitely recommended. Clogged fuel injectors will NOT set a code in the PCM... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

But even with all the failing it would still start correct? I'm thinking it's camshaft position sensor because it would do all the symptoms it says
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At this time I would inspect the fuel pumps for proper installation and operation. The driver side fuel pump is the electric pump that creates pressure for the fuel system. The passenger side is a non electrical "Siphon Pump" that moves fuel from the right side of the saddle tank to the left side where the pressure pump is located. if either of the pumps fail you won't get fuel to the engine especially when below 1/2 tank. You stated: <u><em>"But even with all the failing it would still start correct?"</em></u> No, clogged injectors will NOT allow fuel flow to the engine therefore will not start. Same with the fuel pump if it has failed or is delivering low fuel pressure (less than 40 psi) the engine also will NOT start... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert Have you verified that there is more than 1/2 tank in the fuel tank? A failed cam sensor would DEFINITELY set a code in the PCM.

It hasn't thrower that code tho?
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This is why it is likely not the cam or crank sensor. At this time I recommend to run a fuel pressure test to see if it is related to a failing fuel pump... Autozone has rental tools that they loan out for free with a deposit. They should have a fuel pressure test kit. run a pressure test and let me know what comes up. If you need help with the test let me know. Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

Idk how to do that bull I'll check it out on u tube would bad fuel injector cause it not to start
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A single failed fuel injector will NOT cause a no start. It will just cause a single cylinder misfire. For it to be caused by injectors you would need at least 3 or 4 of them to be clogged. Vehicle will run on 3 cylinders although it will run very rough...


Ok so I'll didn't bleed the coolant system and now it throws that code and p0201 thru 6 I spray starter fluid on it And it start idle real high then die and just crank and it throws a coolants temp sensor high code
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Now that you are getting the injector codes (p0201-P0206) you will need to run the diagnostic procedure. You may have a blown fuse or a failed asd relay... Let me get you the diagnostic procedure... I'll be back with you asap, thanks for your patience and understanding while I research this for you... Thank you, Robert Here is the procedure. First check the ASD relay and the fuse #15 in the Power Distribution Center. Let me know what you find... P0201 ---\>\> [**Click Here to view**]( \<\<---(Right click and open in new tab) Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert Here is the procedure for Coolant Sensor Circuit High P0118 ---\>\> [**Click Here to view**]( \<\<---(Right click and open in new tab) Thank you, Robert

Is there a shit off switch on the fuel pump on a 07 chrysler 300?With the key on there's three wires to each coil shouldn't 2 out of the 3 light up with a test light?
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No, there is not a fuel cutoff switch such as Ford vehicles are equipped with. Fuel is cutoff in the event of an accident via the ASD Relay and Fuel Pump Relay. The Coil connectors are a 3 way connector but only 2 of the cavities are populated. Here is a connector pin chart for Coil #1 connector. ---\>\> [**Click Here to view**]( \<\<---(Right click and open in new tab) Pin 3 is the Fused ASD relay output. With the key on, this wire will ONLY get power for up to 3 seconds when you initially turn the key to the Run position. The only other time this wire should see power is while cranking and of course when the engine is running. ASD relay controls this output. If you jump the asd relay you can verify the wiring... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

When I put the test light to all three wires with the key on it only lights up on one wire???
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Like I stated above, the coil connector should ONLY have 2 wires. Pin 3 (asd output) is the only wire that should have power when you initially turn the key on. The other wire is a control wire for the coil. This wire goes to the pcm and the PCM is responsible for grounding this circuit at the appropriate time to fire the spark plug. This wire (pin 2) should NOT have power... Thank you, Robert

The silver plate that's connected to the pcm does it have to be screwed in like grounded
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If there is a ground strap attached to the PCM or mounting bracket (Silver plate) make sure it is grounded. The mounting plate or the PCM casing does not have to be grounded if there is no ground strap present. in this case PCM receives it's ground via the PCM connectors. Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

Will the coolant sensor or having air in the line keep it from starting and when I cleaned the injectors I didn't prime em
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Even if the cooling system was completely dry, it would not keep it from starting. It is NOT necessary to prime the fuel system anytime the fuel rail or injectors are removed for service... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

I switched relays checked fuses there all good. If there's air in the coolant line will that throw the coolant sensor and keep it from starting
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The ONLY responsibility of the coolant sensor is to measure the coolant temperature. Nothing in the coolant temperature circuit will cause a no start UNLESS you have a failed coolant temp sensor that is causing the PCM to see and extreme temperature either hot or cold. Try disconnecting the coolant temp sensor and see if it starts with it disconnected... Keep me posted... Thank you, Robert

What about a faulty ecu

How do ik if it is
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The way to determine if the ECU is faulty is by running the diagnostic procedures for each code. Some of the codes depending on the results of each step may lead to PCM (ECU) replacement... Keep me posted and let me know if you have any additional questions... Thank you, Robert

Ff url ohnp
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I'm not sure what that meant...

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