I put a new battery on my truck but i accidentally touche...

I put a new battery on my truck but i accidentally touched the negative with my positive just for a second, now truck doesn't want to start. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the battery, particularly the terminal con...

I put a new battery on my truck but i accidentally touched the negative with my positive just for a second, now truck doesn't want to start. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the battery, particularly the terminal connections? Are they corroded? No is new Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2006 Chevy Colorado Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Colorado yourself? What have you tried so far? Nothing it wont start, the lights are on but it wont start

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Touching te beg and positive together even if for a second will lead to ecu issues. It will have to be tested to verify but, expect a computer replacement .

How much would that cost me?
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While every vehicle is different you have options:You could find a mechanic and resource a refurbished part and reflashing it to your spec will range anywhere from $250 - upNew I would anticipate the expense to exceed $500 - up

I looked in the screen and it saids lock1, what is this mean?
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That is a fault code with regard to the factory alarm / pass lock system. If your seeing a screen you may be able to just get away with a ecu flash/reprogram which would probably run about $200

Oh that's somewhat good news, is the battery still good or I need to get a new one?
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The battery itself should still be fine.Unless the reverse polarity burn a cell. Honestly you won’t know till the other issue is corrected.

Ok I just notice that smell like something burned inside when I open the doorCould that be just a fuse?
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Do you hear the normal bell sound when you put the in the on position not started? Do the accessories turn on?with the key in the on position does the check [engine](/topics-engine-chevy/) light illuminate?

I can not believe it! I went to check right now and everything works just fine!!!yay!!Thank you so much!!
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Awesome!! Congrats! Glad it worked out.

Thank you I am so happy!!! You have a good night and thanks again.
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You as well. Goodnight.
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if ive met your satisfaction please do not hesitate to leave a positive rating.

The battery light is still on,
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ok get the battery checked. your looking for the battery to meet the proper CCAs or have over 12.5 V. then tell whoever checks the battery to run an alternator test and there you want to see over 13.5 Volts. you should be able to get this checked for free at any autozone.

Ok thank you.
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thank you!

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