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The other morning I started my car it idled for a couple minutes while I let it warm up and the it shut itself off. I tried starting it again it started but died right away. I had the starter tested and it failed so I replaced it but it's still having the same issue. The car cranks but it doesn't turn over. I replaced the battery connectors cause they were a little sketchy and needed to be replaced anyways but still not fixed. Could it be the alternator?

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. The alternators primary job is to power electrical component once the car has been started, so it usually has not part in the actual starting process. If you are able to turn the key and the engine cranks over but won’t start, the issue is either related to a fuel or ignition system component that is damaged. On your Accord, it could possibly be a faulty crankshaft position sensor that is the source of this issue. It might be a good idea, and cost-saving to have one of our mobile mechanics come to your location and complete a car is hard to start inspection first. This will allow them to test multiple components and determine what is causing your car to not start. This way, the right repairs can be made.

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