Q: Car won't hold charge

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Okay so I went through a Taco Bell drive thru then parked for a second And as I was leaving I went to press break to stop and it pulsed weird so I stopped car and shut it off then went to turn it on and it wouldn't start My positive terminal is corroded a little ,so I had friends come pick me up ,but while they were on the way I had got a jump for about 10 min and decided to have them follow behind me till I got home to save me towing services and right before I got home my car stalled out and had nothing so we had a cop come and help us, and it stalled again so he said get it started and go so I made it home and went off to work then when I got home my car started no problem with my battery and brake light on but they were dimmed , mind you my car died when I got in the drive way,tommorow im gonna change my terminal Got a new alternator and battery 3months ago I just need some advice on what else could possibly be wrong? So when I look at it I look at everything.

My car has 230000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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