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Q: Car won't hold charge

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Okay so I went through a Taco Bell drive thru then parked for a second And as I was leaving I went to press break to stop and it pulsed weird so I stopped car and shut it off then went to turn it on and it wouldn't start My positive terminal is corroded a little ,so I had friends come pick me up ,but while they were on the way I had got a jump for about 10 min and decided to have them follow behind me till I got home to save me towing services and right before I got home my car stalled out and had nothing so we had a cop come and help us, and it stalled again so he said get it started and go so I made it home and went off to work then when I got home my car started no problem with my battery and brake light on but they were dimmed , mind you my car died when I got in the drive way,tommorow im gonna change my terminal Got a new alternator and battery 3months ago I just need some advice on what else could possibly be wrong? So when I look at it I look at everything.

My car has 230000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi There,

It sounds like you may have a bad connection at the battery terminals due to the corrosion. I would recommend to start by cleaning this and making sure the cables have a clean and solid connection to the battery. If the connection is not producing any current transfer from the alternator to the battery, this will prohibit the alternator from doing its job and charging the battery. The other possibility might be that the voltage regulator is not managing the alternator charging as it should, although this is a lot less likely to happen since these do not fail nearly as often. I would recommend having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect your vehicle.

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