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Q: Car will not start.

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When I turn the key in the ignition, none of the dashboard lights come on, there is no clicking sound, and the engine does not come on. Basically, nothing happens when I turn the key all the way. Also, none the headlights will not come on.

My car has an automatic transmission.

It is likely that your car battery is dead. If you request a no start diagnostic, the mechanic will look at the possibility of a dead battery first simply because that is the most common scenario for the symptoms you are describing. Of course, if the battery is dead, the important question is "why is it dead?". If the battery is relatively new, and will pass a "load test" (once an attempt is made to fully charge the battery) and all that happened was you left a light on overnight causing the battery to discharge, then the required "repair" is simply to recharge the battery and you should be good to go. However, if the battery has failed because it is old or defective, and thus it won’t pass a load test, then you need to install a new battery. It is also possible that the battery died due to a defective charging system and/or a parasitic electrical load that is not supposed to be there when the car is off but which results in a slow drain of the battery overnight. In all events, regardless of the required repair, the responding mechanic will test the output of the charging system, once a re-charged or new battery is installed, in order to assure make sure the repair is complete. There are other possible causes of the problem you are reporting, such as a completely severed connection between the battery and the vehicle’s electrical system (open in wire, fuse, relay, etc.) but these would only be considered if it is determined that there is nothing wrong with the battery.

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