Hi my Van seems like it’s having a hard time breathing. I...

Hi my Van seems like it’s having a hard time breathing. It turns on and drives. Just got a new transmission in it and it’s not accelaratibg sometimes.. it reevs, but doesn’t go, then a few minutes later it goes again. Do you think...

Hi my Van seems like it’s having a hard time breathing. It turns on and drives. Just got a new transmission in it and it’s not accelaratibg sometimes.. it reevs, but doesn’t go, then a few minutes later it goes again. Do you think it’s a clogged air intake or a dirty catalytic converter or an air filter/hose? Mechanic's Assistant: Has the vehicle been "scoped out"? ? Mechanic's Assistant: What confuses you? Your response Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your transmissions? 1999 Ford econoline e-150 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Econoline yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven’t tried anything and am trying to trouble shoot Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Just to read my message

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Good Afternoon , If it revs up and doesn't go then that sounds more like a transmission problem , Have you checked the fluid level ?

It drives it goesI’m not sure if when if when it’s hot or after driving for a little it seems like it’s not getting enough air and is revving, but not drivingThen drives again
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you said it revs but doesn't go , that sounds like the transmission slipping . it cant be not getting air sometimes. Its possible that the exhaust may be broken up and getting the muffler or converter clogged

Also sluggish acceleration not like it used to be seems like something is cloggedJust got a new transmission put in thereI just passed a blue star smog and there’s no check engine light. It’s not accelerating as well as it should and seems to struggle to go as fast as it used to.
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From how you are describing it , it sounds like a transmission , even if its new , it can have a problem. But i also can't feel it so i cant be 100 % sure . I would have whoever did the transmission drive it and see if they can feel it

Do you think it’s the catalytic converter? Maybe if the materials from the filter are broken inside and move around then it can’t take in enough air? Or clogged/dirty fuel injectors
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Its possible , but then it would have no power and wouldn't rev up

What about if the fuel injectors are dirty or the fuel filter
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that wouldn't be intermittent . I would put a fuel filter on it , that is never a bad idea. I hardly ever see injectors clogged .

Could it be the air intake hose or anything like that? This was a problem before I got a new transmission too. I took it off roaming and wonder if there could be any clogs I can check for myself? Is this possible
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no ,it wouldn't be the air intake hose

Ok so replace the fuel filter? Maybe check the catalytic converter or take it back to check the transmission
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Sounds like a game plan, that's what i would do

Anything else it could be? Oxygen censor maybe or would it be doing something else then
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you would have a check engine light on.

Could it be the fuel pump?
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I cant answer this without being able to check anything. But it doesn't sound like it

Ok I appreciate your help. So your guess would be the fuel filter or the transmission. It’s after the car has been driving it feels like it’s not accelarating well, then when going up hill or even straight the engine is on, but when pressing the gas its not responsive. Then a minute later drives again
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you are welcome , that is correct

Before it also felt like it would “lunge forward” while driving like a little gas surged out or kind of would slow down the same
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Its hard to say without being able to check it

Ok well I appreciate the pointers
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you are welcome

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