Q: Car started to smoke a lot while driving

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So my car started having problems when we noticed the water wasn’t being pumped due to air, so we wanted to buy a new radiator but never had the chance. Then about 2 months ago we bought new head gaskets, then about 5 days ago, we noticed the turbo start sounding weird, like it didn’t take in the air right, and also every time we accelerated, a noticeable amount of white/gray smoke would come out, but to my dad it looked black. Also had oil in the muffler. Then when he took the car to test it again, a lot of smoke came out of the hood of the car, he said the street was getting filled with smoke. And we don’t know if what exactly happened, if the messed up turbo caused it, or overheated due to need of new radiator. I really like the car but he thinks we won’t be able to fix it. I wanted to see what to do to fix it and keep it. Or atleast what you think are the problems.
My car has a manual transmission.

It sounds like you may need some significant repairs. If the vehicle overheated, depending on the severity, that alone could mean engine rebuilding will be required. The oil in the exhaust is another tip off that you have a major malfunction. Any car is absolutely repairable. I am sure that you have seen 50 or 100 year old cars out there; all of those have been repaired many, many times. If you are organized, careful and determined, you can definitely repair the engine. If you want to check out the possibility that presently required repairs will not rise to the level of full rebuilding, that is see if what you have can be repaired in situ, just request an inspection/diagnostic appointment. From that inspection, you will either learn that accessible "do now" repairs can be performed (by you or the mechanic) that will get the car running properly or you will learn that you’re going to have to take it from the top and rebuild the engine. Rebuilding an engine is no big deal. If you request the inspection and diagnostic service, the responding certified mechanic will get the engine diagnosed and let you know of your repair options, right at your location. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic because we want you to make the most of your repair dollars and help you to get the best possible results.

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