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Q: Car seems like it is slower to start when engine is warm

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I recently noticed that when I am out during the day and I am running errands, or driving my car for a while, and then getting back in soon after, the vehicle sounds like it is having trouble starting and is a bit slower to start. If I start the vehicle after it has been sitting for awhile it starts up with no problem and I only notice the vehicle sounds a bit labored when the engine is warm. I just recently got my starter replaced to see if that might be the cause and to fix another issue, but unfortunately it is still sounding slow to start. It still always starts on the first try, but just sounds a bit labored when the engine is warm. Could it be my battery?

My car has 90300 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The vehicle may be having issues with the electrical connections to the starter or battery. There are several different ways to go about testing for this. The first thing to do is inspect all of the connections from the battery to the starter and the ground connection. Often heat will cause these electrical connections to get warm and it will cause more resistance in the system. The more resistance, the less voltage available for the component needing it. When it comes to the starter, if this is the cause, the starter will not turn as quickly and cause the engine to struggle while starting. The same will happen to the fuel delivery system, and you may want to turn your attention to the injectors and spark plugs if the starting system checks out. Only further diagnostics will tell.

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