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My 2001 Ford Focus for the past 3 weeks has been intermittently sputtering/misfiring when starting it for the day. It typically will do this while it's warming up in the morning. Sometimes it will sputter once, and sometimes it will continuously do it. When it does I will rev the engine, and when doing so it will then idle rough and high and will kind of shake in the process and act like it's going to stall. If it is still doing it while backing up, it will also sound like it is puttering, and then when going to accelerate, it will hesitate. The car will also sometimes sputter/misfire while driving on the freeway, will let off the gas and press down again and will stop. I have already changed out the spark plugs and wires, the fuel filter, as well as replaced the MAF and the ignition coil. and put some fuel injector cleaner in it. I feel that I may smell something fuel related when putting my nose up to the air vent.

My car has 139000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Sometimes if you can smell fuel vapor under the hood and you’re having random misfiring, the issue is caused by either a small fuel leak from a hose or a vacuum hose that has become disconnected or is broken. It is also possible that an individual fuel injector is not firing as it should or is too clogged with carbon deposits and needs to be professionally cleaned. Typically these issues will be accompanied by a warning light on your dashboard of some sort; so it might be best to have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete an engine is misfiring inspection. This will allow them to pinpoint the source of your problem and ensure the right repairs are made.

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