Q: Car cranks but doesn't turn over; battery and starter replaced within last 1-2 months

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Car cranks but doesn't turn over. Battery and starter replaced within last 1-2 months. On 01/22/2017, I had it towed to my local Pep Boys and they replaced my spark plugs, the valve cover gasket for engine and replaced the distributor, stating that the gasket failed and leaked oil which ruined the spark plugs and distributor. After the fix, I was able to drive home afterwards and started the car about 4 times that night and put about 40-50 miles on it after then. This morning, (01/25), I tried to start car and I get the same no start condition as I had before I brought the car into Pep Boys. I am baffled. They also mentioned that I should replace the spark plug wires but the repair was getting expensive enough that they said I could delay that for a bit. (I can provide a scan of the repair job if needed.) How do I proceed now?

My car has 110763 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The best option to accurately diagnose why your Nissan is having difficulty starting is to have a professional mobile mechanic complete a car is hard to start inspection. This is what should have been completed prior to replacing the spark plugs, valve cover gasket or the distributor. Sadly it’s common for large chain automotive shops like the one you mentioned to skip the diagnostic process. The inspection will start by downloading all stored error codes that would help pinpoint the source of your issue and resolve the problem with the correct repairs.

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