Q: Car battery can't keep a charge.

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I just replaced my battery 2 months ago because it wouldn't stay charged.I took it to auto zone and they told me it was the battery. It ran fine for 2 months, but now I'm having the same issues. I took it to a shop and they charged my battery and checked my alternator. They told me one of the battery terminals was loose. He tightend it and it ran great. I didn't drive it for two days and the battery is fully drained when I try to crank my car. When I jump start it I am only able to drive it less than a couple of minutes and it cuts off immediately. The only way it will not cut off is if I leave it connected to the jump stater. Could it be the cables connecting to the battery terminals? I know I have some corrosion on the cables when I replaced my terminals a year ago, but I never replaced them or could it be the alternator? Starter? One last thing my trunk can't close so could it be the light in my trunk that is draining the battery over time? Thanks

My car has 110000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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