The transmission light is red on my dashboard

The transmission light is red on my dashboard Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the fuses? The dashboard bulbs? On the navigation screen it states that the Transmission Failsafe Program is activated Mechanic's As...

The transmission light is red on my dashboard Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the fuses? The dashboard bulbs? On the navigation screen it states that the Transmission Failsafe Program is activated Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your transmissions? 2004 BMW 745I Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your 745i yourself? What have you tried so far? No well kinda. Nothing it just happened Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? That my gearshift rattles

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This warning occurs when the transmission senses a fault or is missing a needed input that is required for proper operation. This warning is not specific to any one thing and can occur for many, many reasons. Anything from a simple low fluid level or failed sensor to internal wear / slippage or complete transmission failure can cause this. Even a missing input from the ABS system or a failing alternator can cause this, etc, etc, etc. The good news is that when this warning comes on, the transmission computer logs a record of the fault, which can be read out to shed additional light on the exact nature of the issue. Thus, the only way to determine why the transmission warning is on is to have the fault memory read out using a compatible scan tool. Once the fault memory is read, the problem can be identified, and the issue fixed. Without knowing what faults are stored, all a person can do is guess at the problem – which can get very expensive, very quickly. You can always try to unhook the battery for an hour to see if the warning will go away, but even if it does, it will only be a matter of time until it comes back – it will keep coming back until the underlying fault is resolved. You can also reset the transmission by putting the ignition to position 2 (all the way without starting the car or pressing the start/stop button twice with foot OFF the [brake](/topics-brake/)) and pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor for 2min. Again, the fault will likely return though until the underlying issue is addressed. At this point, you can try the above as temporary fixes, but ultimately you will need to take the vehicle to a shop that has the proper equipment to read the fault memory so that the issue can be determined. There is no other way to resolve this issue – the fault memory **<u>must</u>** first be read out so that the issue can be identified. Any action taken without first knowing the stored fault logs is risky guess work. Once the issue is identified with the aid of the fault logs, the problem can be corrected, the warning switched off, and normal transmission operation restored.

Ok thank you now can you please tell me why my gearshift rattles
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we are only able to address one question/issue per post. if you have a new/separate question on a different topic, you will need to open a new post.

Then why the hell do you ask if there's anything else that we want y'all to know before we get connected
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You are asked if there is anything else you want the mechanic to know about your 1 problem.Not if there is anything else you want to know about your car.

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