Engine light came on coolant is hot now don't start has p...

Engine light came on coolant is hot now don't start has previously been jerking Mechanic's Assistant: Has your vehicle stalled? Has anyone run a diagnostic test to pull the trouble code? Hasn't stalled simply won't restar...

Engine light came on coolant is hot now don't start has previously been jerking Mechanic's Assistant: Has your vehicle stalled? Has anyone run a diagnostic test to pull the trouble code? Hasn't stalled simply won't restart after being turned of Havnt had anything tested yet son in law also said it was jerking engine light came on then when he went to restart no go Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? Holden astra 2003 auto ah Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? Only just happened so far have only checked battery it is fine Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Does smell like she runs hot

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Hello! My name is Gary. Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question now, and will post back with a reply shortly. .This is a TS Astra, correct? What engine and transmission please? Can I have your VIN number please? Gary

It's a ah astra hatch auto 4 cylinder2003 modelWOLOAHL4855038852
Automotive Expert
Your VIN says 2005, but thanks for VIN so I now know it is an AH. What engine do you have?

Echotech 4 cylinder is that what you mean
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Yes, thanks for that. It will be 1.8 petrol. No common faults in a 1.8 petrol. So we need to inspect the cooling system level, for coolant loss. Can you check the coolant level in the header tank, and the engine level please? Gary

The coolant bottle full but got very hot I am not near car as had to leave it behind to get home
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Sorry to hear that. What warnings did you get, since you have no temp gauge? And you say it won't start now? When will you go back to the car, and how far from home? Gary

No warning today but The engine light was on when my son in law drove it . We are going to go see if we can start it in an hour or so it's about 27km awayI was actually at Repco getting stuff to do a service
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Ok, not much daylight now. Let's see how you go, I hope you can drive it home. Gary

Hopefully thinking it may be thermostat
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I would like to see a scan tool connected to the car to monitor engine temperature. You could have a faulty thermostat, but they usually give some warning over a few previous driving cycles. Gary

Last week the engine light came on I pulled over turned it of then restarted it then on weekend whilst my son in law driving it was jerking light came on then after he got back here it wouldn't restart till next morning
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Yes, ok. Could be any number of things. We need to get a scan for codes please. If it is only an overheat type code, then we could be looking at a thermostat, or even possibly a headgasket. Do you have a workshop nearby than could scan it for you, on Monday? Gary

I will ring them monday
Automotive Expert
I'm glad you will do that. I'll be here for you when you know more. Gary
Automotive Expert
Do you need any further help? I hope my advice has been of assistance to you. Kind regards. Gary

Thanks for your help I have it booked in next week
Automotive Expert
You're very welcome. Gary

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