Q: After Monroe struts installed and multiple alignments, vehicle pulls.

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Something is wrong with the aftermarket maker of struts. On both my vehicles, 2008 Buick Enclave & 2004 Chrysler Town Country, they pull after front Monroe Quickstrut Assemblies were installed. The Enclave had 3 alignment since, brand new tires, still pulls left. The van had 2 alignments from different shops, still pulls rights.

These alignment shops are no rookies either. They've got newer equipment and have shown their results on printouts. Everyone I've spoke with is scratching their heads on this...

I have experience with aftermarket parts, owning a NAPA store for a number of years. I'm now a sales manager for rubber company Continental. I'm at a level as here. I've been through all the theory trouble shooting of other mechanics. Just wondering what you have to offer?

Hi there. When it comes to alignments, check the Caster and Camber to your vehicle. These two angles are pulling angles. Keep in mind, most shops will set the Caster to allow the vehicle to drift to the left to accommodate for road crown (when roads are rounded). I suggest setting the Caster to a slight pull to the left and set the Camber to the vehicle specs. This will correct the alignment and make the vehicle steer correctly and not pull. If the vehicle is still pulling to the left all the time, then check the transmission mounts. If a mount is broken or loose it will cause the transmission to move and make the CV axle pull on the wheel forcing it to change angles. If you need further assistance with your vehicles pulling to the left, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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