Q: After a complete rearend swap,car wouldn't start due to pats(flashing red threat light

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6 weeks ago, my differential broke and all I could afford was a used(high mileage ) complete rear end from a junk yard ($100 ).now it wouldn't start up and the red theft light was flashing very fast! And for the next few days it wouldn't start and the theft light continued to flash fast whenever we tried to start it. also peculiar is the odometer mileage completely disappeared and was replaced by eight # 8's(8888888)(key in on-run position/engine dormant) and changed to 8 dashes( --------)(key in start position/engine rotating) so a friend of a friend (after a routine check) was positive that the " no start" with "red flashing theft llighy was that fuel pump was no good, so he changed fuel pump and then the truck would start as always. Now after rearend swap, the theft light started flashing again so again it won't start ! this is my only truck and I use it mainly to get grandchildren to school and back, buy groceries,

My car has 125000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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