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We recently drove cross country (approximately 500 miles a day from AZ to FL). During our trip, the AC stopped blowing cold air (blower still worked, but at reduced strength). We stopped at a dealer, and we were told that the thermostat froze up. The technician accessed the thermostat through the glove box. The technician advised to go get a bite to eat and let the thermostat un-thaw. We did that and it worked. That was 4 months ago. However, we have noticed that this issue has re-surfaced and occurs on a much shorter trips (less than 100 mile trips in FL), and we are wondering if the thermostat needs to be replaced and the approximate cost for such repair.

My car has 76000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Check the thermostat on the air conditioning system and see if its freezing up again by shutting off the vehicle and letting it sit for about 30 minutes. If you see frost on the evaporator, then the system has too much of a refrigerant charge. If there is no frost on the evaporator, then the thermostat is not functioning properly and would need replaced.

Billing question was sent to CS for the cost of diagnosing your air conditioning system and possibly replacing the thermostat.

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