Q: A/C compressor clutch does not engage, cooling fan does not turn on, condenser fan does not turn on, and ceiling light does not turn on.

asked by on January 09, 2017

A/C Compressor Clutch do not engage, Cooling Fan do not turn on, Condenser Fan do not turn on, Ceiling light do not turn on when I open a door, emergency brake dashboard indicator always on

After reading a lot there are some possibilities: 1- Open ground at the chassis 2- Under Dash fuse box multiplexer bad 3- 4- Please help
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The air conditioning clutch could be not working for the refrigerant could be low or the clutch could be burned up. Check the air conditioning compressor clutch wiring for a voltage with the a/c switch on high and fan on high. If there is a voltage present then the clutch is burned up and needs replaced. If there is no voltage present, then the system could be low on refrigerant or the low or high side pressure sensor has failed. If there is voltage to the sensors and nothing past the sensors, then the system is low on refrigerant. If there is no voltage to the sensors, then the a/c switch would need to be replaced.

The cooling fans and condenser fans either are not coming on from a loss of power or the motors are burned up. First check the cooling fan circuit. If there is no power to the cooling fan, then check the fuses and see if they are burned. If the fuse is good, then check the cooling temperature sensor / switch. If the sensor has power to it an after, then the switch is working. If there is no power after the switch, then the coolant temperature sensor / switch would need replaced. If there is power to the motors on the cooling fan, then the fan motor is burned up and needs replaced. For the condenser fan, if there is no power to the fan, then check the fuses for any of them burned. If the fuses are good, then the a/c switch would need to be replaced. If there is power to the motor, then the condenser fan motor is burned up and will need to be replaced.

For the ceiling light (courtesy light) is not working when the door is open, then there could be an issue with the bulb being burned or the switches are damaged. First check to see if the light is just turned off. If the light is on the door settings, then check the doors one at a time and see if the door courtesy light switch is broken, stuck, or has a loose or corroded ground. If the ground is good and there is no problems with the switch wiring, then I recommend replacing the door courtesy light switch.

For the parking brake light always on, check to see if the parking brake lever is all the way down in the unlock position. If the lever is all the way down, then check the parking brake sensor on the parking brake lever and see if it’s working.

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