Q: 2008 Crown Victoria police intercepted forward gears slipping but reverse works perfectly?

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The code that comes up is for the transmission output shaft speed sensor (P0720 I believe) for a 2008 crown Victoria police car. I've replaced the part but the code is still there. I've changed the filter and refilled the fluid. In D,1, & 2 I would have to bring the rpms up a bitter higher each time for the gears to catch and usually it would have to warm before it could move. Now they won't catch at all. Reverse works perfectly though, even on a cold start but none of the forward gears do. When it would move though 3rd and 4th worked really well unless I gave it enough gas to drop to 3rd then it would slip again but letting off the gas would allow it to grab again but then coming to a stop (or below 20mph if coming out of 3rd or 4th gear, maybe even 2nd but I don't know for sure) it felt like it would go into neutral instead of first. Also I don't know if it helps or not but the brake lights stopped working too but I don't know if it started at the same time with the transmission.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It is possible that some internal damage may have occurred on your transmission. I would recommend having the major components of your transmission inspected by a qualified transmission specialist to determine the exact cause of this issue.

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