Q: 2004 Ford Escape, Sluggish acceleration, RPM racing up to mid 4000-5000 before shifting

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My 2004 Ford Escape, 4WD, V6, after fueling up. The acceleration became very sluggish. The RPM's will now race up to mid 4000 - 5000 RPM before finally shifting. The 2004 Ford escape will top out at 65mph and be sluggish. the normal RPM shifting in over-drive are high 2000-3000. I was firsting it needs fuel filter, fuel injector cleaner fuel additive. Before considering an EGR valvue problem, since there is no visable hole, or hissing coming from arounf the EGR value.

It started after I fueled up a full tank of gas with 87 octane fuel from a gas station I never fulled up at before.

No I have not currently serviced my 2004 Ford Escape, after these symptoms started. I was going to service the oil change, and all filters myself. But to date I have not started the change the fuel, air and fuel filters.

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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