Q: 2001 c240 intermediate crank & stall at idle deceleration. Ecu code p0300 p0341. Changed cam please sensor cleaned maf. No fix.

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OBD2 code read P0300 P0341 Hi, have a problem with my 2001 c240. The car has intermediate cranking now for about a year, now after start up about 15 minutes later the car will stall out at red lights while idling and when take my foot off accelerator. Car will start back up after a couple times. Codes read camshaft position sensor, which I had changed about a year ago because of OBD reading. Not sure if the codes were ever erased tho. Changed again and same problem. Was not a fix. Battery has died many times since then cause of seat modules, and overhead lamp drain. Pulled MAF sensor and cleaned with crc, cleaned engine cover, intake tubes and also no fix. Please help I don't know why this is happening and I can not pay MB prices. Also would i still be getting the camshaft code from over a year ago or is it possibly again. Not sure if it was ever erased but battery has been dead many many times and recharged ect. Since the first cam replacement .. Thank you

Hi There, As you know, code P0341 relates to the camshaft position sensor and code P0300 relates to a misfire which is likely a result of the faulty camshaft sensor. It may be possible for the same code to exist if the code was never cleared. As for the repeated failure, this may be related to a faulty wire in the pickup coil resulting in an intermittent signal being supplied to the ECU from the sensor. As you know, the camshaft position sensor is a magnetic sensor that monitors camshaft speed to regulate ignition timing and fuel injection timing. It gathers and sends information about the car’s camshaft speed to the car’s electronic control module. This information is used by the computer to further calculate the time of ignition and the timing of fuel injection required by the engine. When this is not working properly, you may experience a drop in power, poor idling, poor fuel mileage and problems starting the vehicle. As the sensor begins to fail and gets worse over time as the signal it provides to the computer weakens. I would recommend having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose your camshaft position sensor.

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