Q: 1994 f150, new maf but still won’t start with it plugged in, unplugged will start and run rough.

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My f150 despite having a new maf sensor still won’t run with it plugged in. When it’s unplugged the truck will start and run but kinda rough. I did a self check on codes and these are the ones that I got 625, 113, 157, 158. I did a reset on the computer and it’s still doing it. There’s definitely spark and the engine turns over but then will die immediately. But again Unplugged it starts up and runs. What do I look at? Also is there something besides my brand new maf sensor and assembly that can cause the computer to get a bad reading from the maf and shut off the engine? Please help.

My car has 204000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You need to verify that the MAF is correct one and then check the intake air temp sensor to see if replacing it helps since you have a code for it. If it still runs bad with MAF connected then you will need to find a short into the harness or the connector for the MAF is bad.

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