Q: 08 Aveo 42k Nov/17 overhaul transaxel replace clutch $1700, Jan/18 clutch failsfix, 375,1 day gears freeze, master/slave cyce ?

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Nov of 2017 spent 1700 to overhaul and install used transmission and replace clutch bearings, plate and flywheel. Jan of 2018, clutch fails, replaced for $375, picked up car and it would not allow me to shift to 5th gear, mechanic said bring it in next day to adjust linkage.Next day, I lost access to 1st, 4th and 5 gears. .Called mechanic,said he would be out in AM.Showed up , drove it a bit, could smell clutch burning. He said it was a master and slave cylendar issue. . Q......should those have been checked, replace , inspected last November? Should thay have been inspected in Jan. ? . Should I have to pay another dime to get this car running? Only 42000 miles

If the transmission and clutch were replaced, a professional mechanic would have installed a brand new slave cylinder. The reason for that is the cost of the slave cylinder is trivial in comparison to the risk of failure of the cylinder once the other parts are installed and operational. As far as who should pay for what at this point, I would need more information about the whole incident to advise you. Based on what you are describing though, of course there is a possibility that the original installation was incompetent and that is why you are now in this circumstance but not having seen the car first hand and not knowing exactly what work was performed, it is hard to say for sure. If you want a certified professional from YourMechanic to look at what you have and then advise you of a least cost strategy to get the car running properly without any further nonsense, please request service. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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