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Q: . Today i tried to reverse and it's not responding same with drive.

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Yesterday it felt as if the gears were getting stuck I was driving the higher I went and Miles the harder it was to accelerate. This morning I woke up to find that my car will not reverse nor Drive it is almost like something is preventing it it has a new alternator but I know the transmission is probably giving out I just need confirmation if it's fixable. Also a little side note when I tried to turn the AC all the way up the air completely gave up. The engine turns over as usual. The only thing I can think of is an oil change. I don't usually drive but 5 minutes on a daily commute. The last oil change was two months ago. Please help any advice would help.

My car has 240712 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Judging by the age, mileage, and your description of the issues, the transmission may be in need of repair or replacement. You could try to have a transmission fluid service performed, but odds are with the mileage, it may not help. Once the transmission has gotten to the point of not moving the vehicle, internal parts like the front pump and/or clutch packs are worn beyond use. As for turning the a/c all the way up, it sounds like your blower motor may not be working on it’s high speed setting. Does it work on the lower speed settings? If so, then the blower motor resistor may be the cause. The blower motor resistor varies voltage to the blower motor to vary the speed. Typically when the resistor has failed, one or more blower speeds will not work. have a certified technician inspect the vehicle to determine why the vehicle does not move as well as check the blower motor resistor to see if it requires replacement.

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