7 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been a professional automotive technician for almost 6 years but have worked on cars my entire life. I have experience performing a range of jobs, from regular maintenance and repairs to complex diagnostics. I pride myself on going the extra mile when I accept a job and I love the satisfaction of figuring out tough problems. When the customer is happy, I'm happy!





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on March 07

Very thorough!! Walked me through step by step of the problems associated with the vehicle I was interested in purchasing. His knowledge on different car models shows greatly as well as his experience. He informed me about a thumping noise that the engine makes upon start and warned me to be cautious of it. He advised to not purchase the car if the dealership does not handle the problem. His advice is solid and he gives me confidence in negotiating prices after pointing out other problem areas on the car. Mark is awesome!



BMW 550i
on March 05

Mark seems to know BMWs pretty well. Very straightforward guy -- so much better than dealing with the BMW dealer. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer.

on February 14

Mark was great from start to finish. He took extreme care in changing out all fluids and explained everything whenever I had a question. I would highly recommend Mark again!

on February 13

Mark is now my go-to guy for YourMechanics, he's not only knowledgeable and friendly, but also really take a step forward to help a customer out. He just replaced all four struts on my 06 Altima. I'm buying parts myself and he suggested me to get the quick struts which save effort and money. I'll recommend Mark to anybody.

on February 03

Mark was on time, worked diligently, knew what he was doing, and provided great feedback about my car in terms of current condition and further improvements to be made. Wold definitely use again in the future / recommend to others.

on April 07

I was amazed at his knowledge of cars at such a young age. He pointed out things that should have been caught by my regular mechanic. He was polite and well versed. When I need help in the future, I hope he is the one who comes out.



Honda Accord
on March 24

Mark checked my car thoroughly and made recommendations on what else should be taken care off. He booked an appointment for me the following Saturday to work on these other issues.

on October 31

Mark was on time, polite, unscented, and he knew what he was doing. He replaced the radiator and made sure it was working properly with no leaks before he left. Job well done!

on December 20

Mark is an awesome mechanic and does a thorough job of whatever he is doing. You cannot get better than this! I have used him many times and love the service - he always does a fantastic job.



Toyota Yaris
on September 06

Mark came to the appointment on time with a nice smile on his face. He pointed out everything that was wrong with my car and even scanned my check engine light! Book mark!



Mercedes-Benz E320
on September 06

10/10, really! I came back to with my second car for Mark to diagnose some suspicious engine noise - cracked belt! Saved thousands due to timely preventive maintenance! Thanks, Mark!

on December 01

Mark is an amazing mechanic! He was on time, very helpful, and when we went over my future repairs he explained what needed to be done and why! I highly recommend him.

on August 31

I would happily and with great confidence recommend Mark. But as a service, I"m not sure. My first experience was not great. I had to have a warranty appt due to the first mechanic's faulty work. I had issues w/ my car after the first mechanic completed work. Mark- second mechanic had to correct errors and provided a thourough explanation of my vehicles performance. I would book Mark again for all and any service.



Nissan Xterra
on November 19

I have lots of GREAT things to say about Mark. To be honest, I don't even know where to start. After my initial contact with the first mechanic, I was left with lots of questions especially an unsettled mind of confusion. I thought it was going to be a an easy fixed but scared because it took him about 15-20minutes to diagnosed what was wrong. I don't know too much about cars but I knew it doesn't take that fast to really diagnose a serious problem. When I booked my appointment, I wondered what kind of mechanic I was going to end up with. To my pleasuring surprised, I was blessed to have landed Mark. He was very knowledgeable, professional, competent, courteous, and best of all, very friendly! He also took the time to share his knowledge, educate me with each car parts and its functions! I have learned so much from him, he was very thorough and paid lots of attention to details. He was such a perfectionist and also made sure that everything was done properly. Above all of it, he was very neat and clean. Good mechanics are very hard to find but to get lucky with a great one is a bonus! I totally recommend Mark to anyone especially to my friends and families. YourMechanic have gained a new customer and as long as you send Mark I will continue to be your customer! Job well done! God bless and thank you so much, Mark!!!!!!

on August 27

I was pleased to see Mark on this assignment. He has tended to my automobile needs in the past with another vehicle and l was happy with his advisement and honesty on potential results of any work that would be done. On this current vehicle pre-purchase evaluation assignment, he arrived ahead of time, performed complete and thorough systems diagnoses and offered his professional advice. I look forward to having HIM get my new addition performing in safe, comfortable and superb electrical and mechanical running condition, and to being my No.1 go-to-guy when situation may arise in the future. Thanks, Mark!



Volvo XC70
on November 01

Mark always takes the time to explain the repair and expectations. Along with providing a prioritized list of suggested repairs. I trust him with all my car repairs.

on November 11

Five stars for Mark Lenhart and YourMechanic. The best vehicle repair experience I've had, start to finish. Mark Lenhart went the extra mile at every step in the process. He helped me diagnose an additional problem the day before our appointment, and ordered the parts to complete that repair as well. He worked quickly and professionally to repair issues with fuel system, suspension, and oil change. During the process he documented each repair, recommended further work, and wrote up a detailed report. Mark is a great mechanic, highly recommend his work and the YourMechanic team.

on August 17

Mark was excellent. He found things that the prior mechanic missed, he had skills that some of the other mechanics do not have, and he gave us a great price.



Toyota Avalon
on August 04

Mark came two times due to parts availability. He did not charge me extra. Instead, he replaced the drive belts for me as well which was not on the original code and the fluid flush at a discounted rates. In view of time spent and quality of work he is definitely affordable and professional. I will request him to do my next car repair project and refer him to anyone who needs in house car repair services.

on July 30

Thank you, this is the second time "Your Mechanic" has come out to help me. Every call has been a pleasant and quick response. I have been, and will continue to give "Your Mechanic" phone number to family and friends. Thank you!

on July 28

Mark is an awesome mechanic. What do you want from your mechanic: 1) being on time, 2) honest advices, 3) good work in a short time, 4) personable and friendly and 5) trustable. Mark has it all. I was disappointed with yourmechanic service till I met Mark and he made me a new customer. I will recommend him and I will reschedule again with him.

on October 24

Out of the six mechanics that have worked on my four cars, Mark Lenhart is the most competent mechanic at YourMechanic. I only trust Mark to work on my cars. Over the weekend Mark performed a warranty repair, I'm 100% satisfied - wish I had him perform the initial repair. Glad it's resolved and YourMechanic stands 100% behind it's repairs.



Volvo XC70
on October 15

Mark is trustworthy and takes the time to explain details of repair. Prioritizes recommended repairs. He is the only mechanic I will allow to work on my car from YM.



Honda Pilot
on September 15

Mark is a great find. He was on time and completely knowledgeable. He did the work I needed and also inspected my car and made recommendations on things I needed to get done. I can see why he gets very high ratings. He did an awesome job. I will be hiring him again in a week to complete the work he suggested and also recommending him to another friend.

on July 22

Amazing. Prompt. Kept in contact (I was working, so he was talking to my boyfriend as well as keeping me updated via phone calls). Problems FIXED. Car running. Great price. Informed me of any and every change in the estimate. Honest and hard working. I would not (and will not) hesitate to hire Mark again. Absolutely perfect service.


  • 120,000 Miles Maintenance...


Nissan Altima
on August 13

Mark was on time, professional, was patient with my questions, and drew my attention to some serious preventative maintenance work that could have resulted in my care breaking down if he hadn't told me about it.

on July 12

Marc is a total professional. He knows the nuts and bolts of the many auto issues he faces and he knows how to communicate extremely well. He is a complete customer service guy, something you don't get these days. This guy tackled a problem on my Explorer and would not let it go until it was PERFECT. I will not allow anyone else to ever touch my car. Macr is an outstanding representative for your company.



Honda Civic
on July 20

Mark is the only mechanic I trust in the Bay Area to work on my car. He is incredible, super knowledgable, great at explaining things and so particular with his craft. He's a really nice, and I feel so fortunate to have found him and plan to use him forever and ever! Do yourself a favor and hire mark!

on July 08

I was very surprised at how easy the YourMechanic process was. I booked everything online and it was confirmed via e-mail. This was my best oil changing experience ever! I have nothing but good things to say about YourMechanic, particularly my mechanic, Mark Lenhart.



Mazda 3
on July 16

Mark was scheduled to work on 4 items on my care - enough to keep him busy for a few hours. Even though I'm sure he had more jobs to do during the day, he took extra time to secure a fog light that was just hanging down (happened when I ran over a wooden chair in the middle of the highway). The last 2 times I went to a shop for unrelated work, I had asked them to see what they could do about that light. Both times they said they would take a look, and both times, they completely disregarded it. Mark took care of it without even being asked.

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