7 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been a professional automotive technician for almost 6 years but have worked on cars my entire life. I have experience performing a range of jobs, from regular maintenance and repairs to complex diagnostics. I pride myself on going the extra mile when I accept a job and I love the satisfaction of figuring out tough problems. When the customer is happy, I'm happy!





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on March 07

Very thorough!! Walked me through step by step of the problems associated with the vehicle I was interested in purchasing. His knowledge on different car models shows greatly as well as his experience. He informed me about a thumping noise that the engine makes upon start and warned me to be cautious of it. He advised to not purchase the car if the dealership does not handle the problem. His advice is solid and he gives me confidence in negotiating prices after pointing out other problem areas on the car. Mark is awesome!



BMW 550i
on March 05

Mark seems to know BMWs pretty well. Very straightforward guy -- so much better than dealing with the BMW dealer. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer.

on February 14

Mark was great from start to finish. He took extreme care in changing out all fluids and explained everything whenever I had a question. I would highly recommend Mark again!

on February 13

Mark is now my go-to guy for YourMechanics, he's not only knowledgeable and friendly, but also really take a step forward to help a customer out. He just replaced all four struts on my 06 Altima. I'm buying parts myself and he suggested me to get the quick struts which save effort and money. I'll recommend Mark to anybody.

on February 03

Mark was on time, worked diligently, knew what he was doing, and provided great feedback about my car in terms of current condition and further improvements to be made. Wold definitely use again in the future / recommend to others.

on January 27

Mark was great. He was very knowledgeable and worked diligently and quickly to service my car. He showed up early, did the work, and did a thorough inspection of the car afterwards. He was very professional and I would recommend him.

on January 24

Mark replaced my engine mount. He is prompt, friendly and finished the job fast. He also explained to me clearly what other problems the car has and the urgency of taking care of each one. I would happy to have Mark to work on my car in the future.



Mercedes-Benz C230
on January 20

Mark inspected the mercedes and was able to point out a couple problems i had not noticed before. He was also able to get the lights working again. Awesome mechanic!

on January 09

Mark is an amazing mechanic. I have never come across someone who cares so much about delivering the best possible car experience. He's also extremely dedicated; he performed a lot of maintenance in the worst storm we've had in years, and dealt with the adversity like a champ.



Audi A4
on January 07

Mark is a professional, knowledgeable, responsible mechanic that you could trust. I would highly recommend him to my friends and keep using his services on future repairs.

on April 27

Super professional! Very pleased with the service Mark Lenhart provided me. Very detailed with his explanation and answered every questions that I had.

on March 08

Mark Lenhart is unquestionably one of the finest mechanics I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He's extremely knowledgeable and quickly isolates some of the most difficult problems. I have a Mini Cooper Super and they are incredibly fussy, high-maintenance vehicles. Up until Mark's servicing of the vehicle for an engine light and host of computer codes, all service work on the vehicle up until then had been performed by a dealership service department. I expect to use Mark's automotive skills for now on for any servicing of the car. I highly recommend MyMechanic to anyone who desires quality work for very reasonable prices, and Mark Lenhart in particular!



BMW 335i
on August 10

Mark did a full inspection and took time to explain everything that he is going to perform on the car and answered patiently to all my questions, did the repair on time. Definitely he saved me a lot of dollars..Great price. Informed me of every change in the estimate..He is very honest and trustworthy..I will continue to be a customer of Mark and will tell everyone about the YourMechanic experience..

on March 06

Mark was a good representative for the company. I see him as " My Mechanic". The was a far better experience than going to garage where you never talk to the person working on the car--but just a paper pusher. Mark was very knowledgeable and did excellent work. He even explained things and what he was looking for to keep me on the road longer. What a great person !

on October 30

Can't say enough about Mark. He's worked on all of my cars and does a great job each and every time, not only the work he comes to do, but also does a check on the rest of the vehicle and gives great advice on what needs to be done. Highly recommend, but not too highly because I want to make sure he's available when I need him :-)

on October 31

Mark was on time, polite, unscented, and he knew what he was doing. He replaced the radiator and made sure it was working properly with no leaks before he left. Job well done!



Honda Pilot
on September 15

Mark is a great find. He was on time and completely knowledgeable. He did the work I needed and also inspected my car and made recommendations on things I needed to get done. I can see why he gets very high ratings. He did an awesome job. I will be hiring him again in a week to complete the work he suggested and also recommending him to another friend.

on March 10

Mark is an exceptional mechanic. It's obvious that he enjoys what he does, and subsequently goes the extra mile for his clients. Luckily for me, he loves working on BMWs! His service is thorough, as well as honest. He won't sugar coat when your car needs extra attention, but at the same time, he directs you on how to create a service schedule that takes care of important things, one step at a time - it's doable, and makes financial sense with your budget. I respect his knowledge and feel that my car is in expert hands, with someone who understands all the factors involved when considering car repairs (for my BMW that I love :)



Chrysler 300
on March 29

Mark is absolutely amazing. He worked on both our cars on three separate days and each time he was prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Mark is an all around great guy. I'm sure you have other great mechanics but my husband and I would like to keep Mark as our mechanic going forward. Keep up the great work Mark. You are the MAN!!!!!

on May 20

Mark's car inspection was very helpful. He provided an objective view on the state of the car I was interested in, giving me a sense of confidence I knew exactly what I was purchasing. I would recommend this service to anyone who wishes to have a used car inspected before buying it.

on April 21

Mark was a professional from the start. He did the inspection, gave me an estimate for parts and labor, came back and did the repair on time. I will continue to be a customer and will tell everyone about the experience. Don



Honda Accord
on March 24

Mark checked my car thoroughly and made recommendations on what else should be taken care off. He booked an appointment for me the following Saturday to work on these other issues.



Acura Integra
on October 26

Honestly, by far the best mechanic I've met. Mark's a genuine guy, that actually wants to help you and your car out. He knows his stuff. He'll professional, easy to talk to, and knowledgable. I've always had a hard time trusting mechanics, but Mark reinvigorated that trust I have in people that work with cars. I would recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks again Mark.



Volkswagen Transporter
on April 29

Mark is very passionate about cars. He has taken on the challenge of working on my VW bus, and I've been happy with the results. If he sees a problem he works with you to figure out a solution.



Toyota Prius C
on July 08

Super great to work with! Friendly, efficient, and knows what he's talking about. Super honest and trustworthy...going to keep bugging him for all my car needs! :)

on July 08

I was very surprised at how easy the YourMechanic process was. I booked everything online and it was confirmed via e-mail. This was my best oil changing experience ever! I have nothing but good things to say about YourMechanic, particularly my mechanic, Mark Lenhart.


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Toyota Highlander
on May 31

Awesome mechanic, great communication, really went above and beyond to diagnose and repair the problem. Mark is very professional, knowledgeable, knows his way around a car. Highly recommend, but not too highly as I want to make sure he's available when I need him!

on May 05

Mark would be the fourth mechanic I've had to work with from YM in the past few months. He was sent in to diagnose a rather deep issue with starting of the car that eluded two other YM mechanics before him and caused some obvious delays/back-forth and ultimately frustration for me. But working with him restored my faith in YM as being my first choice for car trouble. He was very thorough in his diagnosis, spent a lot of time checking various systems, followed up persistently as I had to take it to the dealer, and came back a second time after the car was back from the dealer for post-inspection recommendations. His reports helped me with YM corporate office as well in getting refunds for prior misdiagnosis as well. Without saying much else, I'd put him as an all-rounder - perfect overall experience for me. YM corporate, thanks a bunch to you as well. Your policies on refunds in such rare cases of misdiagnosis are very customer friendly and while I was concerned at one time that I am stuck with a needless bill, you made it just right for me. I am all the more advocate for YM now because of that policy and keeping crew like Mark.



Mazda 3
on July 16

Mark was scheduled to work on 4 items on my care - enough to keep him busy for a few hours. Even though I'm sure he had more jobs to do during the day, he took extra time to secure a fog light that was just hanging down (happened when I ran over a wooden chair in the middle of the highway). The last 2 times I went to a shop for unrelated work, I had asked them to see what they could do about that light. Both times they said they would take a look, and both times, they completely disregarded it. Mark took care of it without even being asked.



Toyota 4Runner
on June 04

I have had a wonderful experience with Your Mechanic Mark Lenhart. Car would not start so it was at my house and I could not drive it. I made an appointment and Mark arrived Friday, on time to diagnose the problem which he did. He was very professional and cordial. The appointment was made for Monday to fix the problem. He got parts on Friday and returned Monday. He replaced the starter in about 1/2 hour, he had removed the old one on friday. It was a unique experience to have a qualified Mechanic working on your car at your home.

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