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(678 Reviews)
9 years


by Patrick from Oak Park, IL 60302

Rigo was knowledgeable about car inspection, and gave me peace of mind about my car purchase, the small issues that I needed to get corrected, and things to be mindful of going forward.


by Mahfuei from Oak Park, IL 60302

This review MOSTLY applies to MYMECHANIC.COM company rather than the mechanic who worked on my car. I’m guessing he followed his company policy... After my first appointment I think MYMECHANIC.COM IS FULL of SURPRISES :-( , although they state on their website that there will be no surprises. I had several surprises and mixed feeling about this company. First of all, do NOT expect your mechanic to knock on your door, or ring your doorbell (You would think that’s a common sense if you are expecting someone). After the mechanic explained it made sense (if someone left their car, but don't live at the actual address) BUT they did NOT mention anything on their website!! However in their email they said to keep your phone with you. I expected someone knock on the door and was away from my phone. The mechanic did not come on time (was late about 20-30 minutes) said the parts store was not open till 9 am and my appointment was scheduled at 9 am. Luckily I was not planning to go anywhere that morning (can’t go far without my car). So I was ok with that. They quoted $182.84, but charged me $185.46. I know they are going to say “Well, you didn’t include your VIN # number”. You DON'T really NEED VIN # TO BUY PARTS! When I was requesting a quote online they could have asked about the Trim of the vehicle, and if it had 2 doors or 4 doors. Two extra questions would have solved this problem. Again, on their website they state there are no surprises, no hidden cost, but I was CHARGED MORE. Another thing I’m not happy about is the mechanic did NOT SAY A WORD ABOUT 2 RECOMMENDATIONS he made!! I only saw it later on report they emailed me. What’s the point of having a mechanic come to your place when he/she does NOT say anything after finding more problems with your vehicle when you are there??? If he said something perhaps I wanted him to show it to me! Now I feel like I need to go to an auto shop so someone can explain/show it to me. That is causing me extra INCONVENIENCE (wasting my time & money) to go to an actual shop. I thought the whole idea of having a mechanic come to you was not to cause any inconvenience & save you some money??? Is this your company policy to notify customers about recommendations after your mechanics leave? If that’s your standard practice at least state on your site so future customers know what to expect. One more thing surprised me is the fact that the mechanic took photos of my car and VIN# (photos were included in the report I received) – I DID NOT ASK FOR ANY PROOF OF EVIDENCE!!! I was there, I know he replaced that part. Why did he take pictures without my approval? Again, you did NOT mention anything on your site!! Now mymechanic.com keeps sending me emails telling me my car needs more work done (the above mentioned 2 recommendations) and I find them quite annoying. To be honest I’m not sure if I want to use mymechanic.com in the future, a company that keeps it’s surprises offline. As a customer I'd like to know upfront what to expect. Unfortunately that was not my experience. Lastly, about the mechanic. He was professional. Answered my question about something else (not his 2 recommendations). He replaced the part and so far I don’t have any problem.

(21 Reviews)
13 years


by Karla from Oak Park, IL 60302

Jon contacted us the night prior to the appointment to discuss the conditions of the work area and already impressed us with his professionalism before he even arrived. He was friendly and walked us through the process of the repair. We appreciated that he was not irritated by our frequent questions and interruptions. We were a little concerned about the car falling on top of him while he working, so we came out to check on him probably more often that was necessary. During the axle/cv shaft repair he was able to diagnose another issue with the car that our prior repair shop had not been able to despite multiple visits. Jon did a great job. We would definitely recommend Jon.

(122 Reviews)
18 years




by Jonathan from Chicago, IL 60647

Joe was fantastic! He arrived early. He efficiently diagnosed my car's problem and fixed it. I think he was done within 20-30 minutes. I will use him again next chance I get. Highly recommended.

by Sara from Melrose Park, IL 60160

Joe seemed hesitant when he arrived but got right to work and was finished in no time. He told me what the problem was with the previous mechanics work. Joe seems very knowledgeable and my only hesitation on a reference would be that he did not show up last week and that he was a little late today but I will be using him again.

(106 Reviews)
15 years




by David from Chicago, IL 60647

Krystal was actually early, was friendly and courteous, and it was Sunday morning. Completed the job quickly and professionally.

(86 Reviews)
6 years


by Usog from Chicago, IL 60630

He's good. Very respectful. And informed me everything I need to know to have my old car in a top shape. Definitely will recommend him to my friends.


by Elvin from Chicago, IL 60608

Frank is a professional and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services and I'll most definitely use him again in the future.

(71 Reviews)
12 years


by Amilcar from Chicago, IL 60649

Great service! Great guy! Explained everything that was being done to me so that I would understand every step of the way, got the job done correctly and fast. Will definitely work with him again in the future


Knock Sensor


by wyndell from Flossmoor, IL 60422

Professional. Answered all questions with detail. Gave good advice. Would recommend and will be requesting him for any future work.

(44 Reviews)
9 years


by Elaine from Chicago, IL 60608

Daniel was fantastic. He was quick, trustworthy, explained everything, and even refunded part of the previous quote when he realized that i didnt need to replace the rotors. I will definitely use him again.


by Leenice from Chicago, IL 60651

I like that Daniel has early appointments available, he explained and showed me the issues that were going on with my car, and he finished everything quickly!

(28 Reviews)
21 years


by Peter from Chicago, IL 60618

Jay arrived on time and called before to let me know when he'd arrive. Very knowledgeable and friendly. He put in great effort to diagnose and resolve my issues. He pushed my car out of the garage to be able to charge my battery. When he had charged the battery enough and the engine still wouldn't turn over, he diagnosed very quickly that it was a starter issue. He also resolved my issue about whether the alternator was the cause. He put me at ease explaining the starter drains batteries and therefore, the alternator and battery could both be okay. He explained what I needed to do clearly. When I got the car to an auto shop this morning, Jay's diagnosis was right on -- a starter issue. Very trustworthy, professional, highly knowledgeable and hard-working.


by JAY from Chicago, IL 60641

His a Pro!🤙🏻🤙🏻

(8 Reviews)
8 years


by Sandy from Harvey, IL 60426

I booked Robert about an hour and half ahead of time to go see a car I wanted to buy. I wasn't there but Robert made sure to call me to find out who to coordinate with once he got there. He asked about my main concerns first. He was very professional and courteous. He did a very thorough pre-purchase inspection and could elaborate on all the issues I brought up and tested even the convenience items like the sunroof which I didn't think to check in the winter (almost spring). He takes thorough voice notes which are helpful to reference. He called me right after the inspection to discuss all issues and even could throw his two cents in there about how much the car may be worth considering the fixes required. He's honest and won't encourage you to buy a car that needs a lot of work unless it's for a good price. Robert was extremely helpful in my car buying process.

(256 Reviews)
11 years
by Jeremy from Oak Park, IL 60302

Genaro is the man. He’s always early (second time using his) and he works very efficiently. My car is purring like a kitten thanks to Genaro. Highly recommended 👌🏾

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