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Carlos at YourMechanic


(703 Reviews)
30 years


by Albert from Azusa, CA 91702

Was able to give us a good starting point for this electrical issue. Great attitude, great service. Thank you, Carlos.

David at YourMechanic


(195 Reviews)
38 years




by Pat from Azusa, CA 91702

This was David's fourth visit to help me with a rather large "To Do" list on my Tbird. The project this time was to install a cooling fan in front of the AC condenser. He had told me on another visit what size to order. When I rec'd it, I said to myself, "No way is this gonna fit." David shows up and he says, "Piece of cake." He pulls the radiator, grinds off a little hidden sheet metal, and adjusts the tabs holding the condenser. When he's finished, it looks like a factory install. The guy is amazing! We're already planning item #18 on the list. Generator to alternator conversion. Another "Piece of cake".


by Pat from Azusa, CA 91702

I have a fully restored '60 Thunderbird and the only issue with it is that the windshield wipers are not working. The system is vacuum and not electric. I asked my regular mechanic to see what he could do and he had no clue. Can't really blame him because I wouldn't want to tackle that project either. I contacted you folks and you sent me "David". He is an absolute prize. Not only did he have full and complete knowledge of how these wipers work, but he was not intimidated to handle the project. In so many words he in essence told me, "I can handle anything". After diving in, he found the control switch was bad as well as a diaphragm leak in the wiper motor itself. It seemed to me that the best thing to do would be to convert to electric wipers. He agreed and we set up another appointment for him to return when the parts arrived. Honestly, I was a bit nervous about who might be showing up. I envisioned a chap who might crawl under the dash cursing and complaining and throwing tools. Not so with David. The smile never left his face and he explained what was going on with every step. Mechanic or not, David is one of the most personable individuals I have ever met.

Steven at YourMechanic


(52 Reviews)
12 years


Oil Change


by Dalia from Azusa, CA 91702

Great, detailed and clean work done by Steven. Will continue to use his services. Thank you!

Jesus at YourMechanic


(12 Reviews)
16 years


by Javi from Azusa, CA 91702

Perfect service no other way to explain it if I could I would give him 20 stars

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