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How much does Jeep CJ6 repair and maintenance cost?

The cost depends on your car, the type of service, and where you live. Here are estimates for a selection of Jeep CJ6 services.

Service Estimate Savings Dealer Estimate Location
Service type Valve Cover Gasket Replacement for 1967 Jeep CJ6 L4-2.2L Estimate $182 Savings 33.18% Dealer Estimate $272 Location Wading River, NY
Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Front Replacement for 1973 Jeep CJ6 L6-4.2L Estimate $113 Savings 27.67% Dealer Estimate $156 Location Stone Mountain, GA
Service type Brake Rotor/Disc - Rear Replacement for 1966 Jeep CJ6 V6-3.7L Estimate $311 Savings 40.07% Dealer Estimate $519 Location Cary, NC
Service type Axle / CV Shaft Assembly - Passenger Side Front Replacement for 1967 Jeep CJ6 L4-2.2L Estimate $293 Savings 40.40% Dealer Estimate $493 Location Alameda, CA
Service type Control Arm Assembly - Rear Upper Right Replacement for 1970 Jeep CJ6 V6-3.7L Estimate $261 Savings 43.26% Dealer Estimate $461 Location Petersburg, VA
Service type Brake Master Cylinder Replacement for 1971 Jeep CJ6 L6-4.2L Estimate $215 Savings 41.36% Dealer Estimate $366 Location San Antonio, TX
Service type Brake Caliper - Driver Side Front Replacement for 1972 Jeep CJ6 V8-5.0L Estimate $225 Savings 33.07% Dealer Estimate $337 Location Pataskala, OH
Service type Door Lock Actuator - Driver Side Rear Replacement for 1974 Jeep CJ6 L6-3.8L Estimate $333 Savings 38.90% Dealer Estimate $546 Location Charlotte, NC

Fast and easy Jeep CJ6 services at your home or office.

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Answers to common Jeep CJ6 questions

Engine overheating even though coolant fan was running
Answered by Jeff
This can be caused by a number of things such as low coolant levels (, a faulty thermostat (, or a failing coolant fan switch. As you may know the coolant fan switch helps to maintain the proper coolant temperature...
Clutch chattering when shifting to first gear
Answered by Jay
Hello. A clutch chatter will be due to a couple of possible problems. Have the motor and transmission mounts checked to make sure none of them are broken. If all the mounts are good, then the only other problem is...
Brakes don't work properly. Hard to push - 1960 Jeep CJ5
Answered by James
Since you do not have power brakes, a clogged hose line or fitting may be the cause or a sticking/binding caliper ( may be the issue. You may want to enlist the help of a mechanic, such as one from...
Clicking and popping noise
Answered by Jeff
This is a common sign of a failing CV joint. A CV (Constant Velocity) joint is a shaft that connects the transmission to the wheels, essentially transferring the power from the drive train directly to the wheels. The CV joint...

Fast and easy Jeep CJ6 services at your home or office.

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