How to Prepare for the South Dakota Driver’s Written Test

You can’t get your license in South Dakota without first passing your driver’s written test and then taking the road test. When it comes to the written test, many people feel that it is going to be difficult and worry that they might not pass. They get discouraged before they even take the test, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The test is actually easy to pass as long as you have taken the time to prepare properly. The following tips will help you get into test-taking shape so you can pass it on your first attempt. Then, you will be one step closer to getting out on the road.

The driver’s manual

The number one thing you need to do is to get a copy of the South Dakota Driver License Manual. This manual is available as a PDF, as well as a hard copy. It’s best to download the PDF though, as you will not have to go and pick up a physical copy. You can download it to your computer, but you might also want to add it to your tablet or smartphone. If you have an e-reader, such as a Kindle or a Nook, you can add it there as well. This way, you will have easy access to it so you can read and study it whenever you have some free time.

The manual includes all of the information you need in order to pass your test. It includes information on road signs, safety, emergencies, and traffic and parking laws. All of the questions that the state puts onto the exam come directly from the book.

Online tests

Although the manual is essential when it comes to preparation for your exam, you should also look into taking some free online tests. These tests will give you a much better indication of how you will do when it comes time to take the actual exam. You can pinpoint your weak areas and then focus on improving so you don’t miss questions on the test. There are many places to find these online tests, including DMV Written Test. They have several practice tests on the site. The test features 25 multiple choice questions, and you will need to get at least 20 of them correct in order to pass.

Get an app

You should also download apps for your phone. There are a number of apps for the various types of phone out there, and you can find permit test apps for the iPhone and Android easily. Many of them are free. Two that you might want to consider getting include Drivers Ed app and DMV Permit Test.

A final tip

One of the areas where many people struggle is the actual test environment. They end up getting nervous and rushing through the exam. You need to take your time and read all of the questions thoroughly. Doing that, coupled with the preparation you’ve done, you will have no trouble passing the test.

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