Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in Oklahoma

The State of Oklahoma provides license plates and placards under the auspices of the OTC and the DPS. If you are disabled in the State of Oklahoma, you are entitled to use these plates and placards.

Types of permits

The DPS (Oklahoma Department of Public Safety) issues temporary and permanent disability placards. The OTC (Oklahoma Tax Commission) issues disability license plates, and disability license plates for veterans. These plates are for disable parking only, and you can use them as a driver or a passenger. You may not allow anyone else to use these permits.


You can request a disabled plate or placard by mail. You have to have a long-term placard before you can apply for a plate. There is no cost for a placard.

To apply, you will have to fill out the Physical Disability Parking Placard Application. It must include certification from your doctor, osteopath, podiatrist, optometrist, chiropractor, physician’s assistant, or registered nurse practitioner, and must have been completed within the previous 60 days. Then, you must send it to the Oklahoma Driver Compliance Division at:

P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

You should expect that your application will take about three weeks to process. Then you will receive your placard. If you qualify for a 5-year placard, then you can apply for a plate. To get your plate, you will have to complete the Physically Disabled License Plate Application and pay a fee of three dollars. Once you get the disability plates, you still have to keep your original plates. They will not be attached to your car – you will keep them inside your vehicle.

Veteran’s plates

In order to obtain a disabled veteran’s plate in the state of Oklahoma, you must own or be the main driver of a vehicle. You must also be 50% disabled under the requirements of them military, and hold a long-term disability placard. Then you must fill out the Application for a Disabled American Veteran License Plate. You will also have to provide your original reduced licensing charge card, or provide a VA letter acknowledging that you are eligible. You can pick up your plates in person and pay a fee of $6.50, or get them by mail for $9.50. You should expect about a four week turn-around from the time you apply and the time that you get your plates.


Disability plates and placards have to be renewed before they expire. Permanent placards are good for five years. Temporary permits are good for six months, and can be renewed providing that your doctor will certify that you are still eligible. Vehicle registrations have to be renewed separately.

Lost or stolen placards

If you lose your plate or placard, or it is stolen, you can get a replacement by mail. The address is:

Department of Public Safety
Driver Compliance Division - Physical Disability
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Any replacement will expire at the same time as the original placard was issued. You can only request one replacement in any given term.

Disabled drivers in Oklahoma are entitled to certain rights and privileges, but they are not given automatically. You have to apply for them.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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