Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in New Hampshire

In the state of New Hampshire, the DMV issues special permits to people who have permanent or temporary disabilities. If you live in New Hampshire, you could be entitled to a license plate or placard that lets you use handicapped parking spaces.

Types of permits

In New Hampshire, you can get a disability placard that you hang from your rear view mirror. You can get one if you are permanently disabled, or temporarily disabled. License plates are available only to people who are permanently disabled.

Both the plates and placards allow you to park in spots that are only for disabled people. You can park free anywhere in New Hampshire. Keep in mind, though, that if you allow anyone else to use your plate or placard, you are in violation of the law and could be fined.

Applying for a plate or placard

If you are applying for a handicapped plate or placard in the state of New Hampshire, you will have to complete a New Hampshire Application for Walking Disability Privileges (Form RDMV130). Your application will have to include a letter from your doctor stating that you are entitled to these parking privileges, and you will also have to include applicable fees with your application.

You can send your application to the address on the form, or bring it to the New Hampshire DMV office.


Permits and plates for disabled motorists are valid only for certain periods. A temporary placard is only good for six months, because a temporary disability is exactly that - temporary. A permanent placard is good for five years, or when your driver’s license expires. License plates are good for as long as your vehicle is registered, and can be renewed at the same time as you renew your vehicle registration.

When your permit or license expires, you will have to renew it. You will have to provide medical certification again, the same way as you did when you first applied for your special permit.

Lost or stolen permits

If your handicap permit is lost or stolen, then you will have to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles by mail in order to have it replaced. You will need to provide them with your name, date of birth, address and phone number. If you have your placard number, then you should include that as well. Mail the letter to:

NH Department of Safety
DMV - Registration
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305

Upon receipt and verification, the Department of Motor Vehicles for the state of New Hampshire will replace your placard.

As a resident of the state of New Hampshire, and as a person with a disability, you have the right to park in places that are convenient to you. You are required by law, though, to ensure that you have certain permits in place, and you may not allow anyone else to use those permits. Doing so violates the law, and you could be subject to penalties.

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