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I was Driving on freeway and suddenly power went off, I made it to the shoulder then I try starting it and it did crank, but didn't started, it happen before in my house but i keep cranking it till it started but this time it doesn't work, this time i crank it for long, then now it doesn't crank or even click, and it seem like it has good batterie what can i do?

Hello, thank you for writing in. At this point you may be facing more than one issue. Due to the multiple attempts at starting, the battery has likely been drained, which is why you are not experiencing any form of crank anymore. This doesn’t mean that the battery is bad, just that it is dead. You will need to have it charged before you can work on diagnosing the issue. Keep in mind if the alternator has failed to charge the battery, the vehicle would have stalled, and then attempted to restart just like your symptoms suggest. You may want to have the alternator checked. Once the charging system problem(s) is under control, you will want to test the vehicle for spark when cranking. You can do this several ways, with a spark tester being the safest. If you do not have spark, you need to look into the ignition system. If it does have spark, you will want to turn your attention to the fuel system. Check into the several systems that would have caused the stall, until you find the culprit.

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