Q: Won't engage when I put it in Drive,first,or second.

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Thought my tranny was going out .But then realized it could be my shift modulatotor.Because I could get it to roll in Fisrt then I would just kick it in to drive.and it was fine after that and I could usually put it directly into drive after that for the rest of the day.no matter how many times I started and stopped . Then I discovered a kinked tranny line so I unkinked it and it actually got a little better.Sometimes if I just gave it a minute IT would engage in Drive like it was supposed to it just took a minute .Then the other day I got in started it put it in Drive I. It slowly went into drive I took off and arrived at my destination about eight minutes later.I was there for about an hour and a half.I got in started it up pulled out in reverse ..... Put it in Drive ...and nothing happened ,so I put it in first because that had always worked before ,and nothing happened ..so I even tried Second and nothing happened. I tried for a good hour but to no avail. So I got stranded 2 da

My car has 1620504 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

First you should have the transmission fluid level and condition checked. If the fluid level is low from a leak, the transmission will not be able to build the pressures necessary to move the vehicle. If the fluid level is low, suspect a leak. If the fluid level is ok, but is very dark and smells burned then there may be a mechanical issue inside the transmission. Consider visiting a professional transmission diagnosis and repair facility or your local dealer to have experienced technicians like ones from YourMechanic take a look at what’s going on with the transmission.

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