Will a supercharger blow my motor? 2002 v6-4.0l explorer ...

Q: Will a supercharger blow my motor?

asked by on February 04, 2017

I found a supercharger kit for my 4.0L V6 SOHC Explorer. It's 100% bolt on. My truck has 110,000 miles on it, and runs perfect. Everything is in good condition. It's also less than $1000 for the kit. If I ran it on 3.5 psi with all stock internals do you think it would blow my motor or ruin my engine? Possible transmission issues? I have a K&N intake, JBL headers, upgraded exhaust, and brand new cooling system. Truck breathes great. I found a user who put the supercharger in his 4.0L Explorer and said he's ran it 80,000 miles with no issues. He said on 3.5 psi he added around 45 horse power. Just looking for advice, thanks!

My car has 110000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello There! A supercharger can be a great horsepower addition, however some things to keep in mind are things like fuel octane requirements, cooling issues and fueling and timing corrections. As you know, when adding a supercharger, you are creating a forced fuel/air induction into the motor which requires a fairly radical fuel and timing adjustment to compensate for the difference in the amount of fuel and air that will then be forced into the motor as opposed to a naturally aspirated (not forced induction) motor. You are on the right track in terms of considering stock internal and transmission limitations as well as these can also be victims in supercharged motor that does not hold up well to the added stress a supercharger can put on a motor. Although 3.5 lbs of boost is a fairly modest amount of boost when it comes to supercharger applications, there is no way to definitively say whether or not your motor will hold up to putting a supercharger on it since the stress is put on the internals of the motor and the only way to verify this would be to pull the motor apart to inspect this. This may be a cost vs benefit decision you may need to make in terms of the cost relative to the risk of damaging the motor. The other factor to consider is whether or not the kit comes with the proper programming software for the fuel mapping as this will be an integral part to making this kind of a modification.

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