Q: Why isn't my truck running?

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OK I want to be specific as possible so I can get a specific answer when I turn over my key it sounds like it wants to start but it just doesn't my fuel neck was rusted out so I cut it off and shoved a hose into the pipe close to the fuel tank and ran it up through my truck bed (this was before it stopped running) just though it MAY be relevant maybe I have water in my engine? If so how do I get it out if I can't start the truck to burn it? Anyway I though it was the fuel pump because that's what I was told so I replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter I also changed the line with (other lines) NOT NEW ONES I can hear the fuel pump working when I turn the key but there isn't any fuel coming out of the lines to the fuel filter would it matter if I don't have the exact right fuel filter? There doesn't seem to be any pressure or fuel pumping though the lines help! Did I do something wrong? Could if be something else if so what?

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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