Q: why is all of a sudden the power steering keeps leaking after being fixed? it happening again (4th time) causing PS failure.

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About three weeks ago, I ran a curb as I was turning into traffic, trying to avoid hitting a car that is stopped at the lights. Came home and realized I forgot to gas up. A couple of hours later, I leave and started to notice sound every time I steer. Right there I felt that somehow i have damaged something but little did I know that you weren't supposed to drive when this PW fluid is out. Halfway to the gas station, my spouse calls me and tells me to drive back right away because he saw a big puddle on the driveway. Thankfully, he's a tow truck driver and was able to get it fixed at the shop. The mechanic said he didn't see any other damage other than a badly ripped power steering hose, the black thicker one. My spouse suspected that I may have been over steering because this has never happened to him before. I am a new driver. The hose is replaced and a week later its leaked again. Today is the 4th visit at the mechanic. The PS failed again while my spouse drove it to work. Help!

My car has 300000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Have any other leaks been identified? Has the same part failed? If the hose is repeatedly failing, I would suggest using a factory part. Were the o rings/gaskets replaced that pertain to the hose? Has the steering system been inspected to determine if there is underlying damage? There are several components that could be leaking here: power steering pump, hoses, steering rack. There is a seal in each end of the steering rack that may be failing; many times mechanics replace the torn boot and not the rack thus causing the boot to fill with fluid and eventually leak/rupture. The most effective method of determining the leak would be to clean the engine compartment, fill the power steering fluid, and run the engine while inspecting for the leak/leaks. I strongly suggest having a qualified technician perform an inspection to avoid replacing unnecessary parts. Your Mechanic has several available technicians that can assist you with a power steering fluid leak inspection.

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