Q: Why are tires wearing out quickly on the inside

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While making a left turn the wheel pulls a bit n can hear a slight bang also seems to move more than usual when hitting a rut and we just put new tires on vehicle and noticed two weeks later the left front tire wore out quite a bit wires showing on the inside of tire

Hi There, Generally, tires will wear abnormally due to things like in incorrect tire pressure or out of spec alignment. Depending on how severely they are wearing on the inside, this is likely due to an alignment issue causing the tires to be subjected to what is called a negative camber position which causes the inside of the tire to lean inward resulting in the inner portion of the tire wearing much faster than the outside. This will eventually cause a feathering of the tire, ultimately leading to it wearing out prematurely. I would suggest having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to properly diagnose your tire wear problem before installing new tires.

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