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Q: White smoke is coming out of my tailpipe.

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Last week I had someone to put an alternator in my car. He took off the front section (grill and radiator)and installed it from the top. Afterwhich, I noticed some lights that were on my dash board so I took it to auto zone top be placed on the machine. the code on the machine stated that the PCM need to be re- programmed. I took it to someone at the dealership (that did me a favor or so I thought) to reprogram the PCM. While entering the codes in the diagnostic machine he noticed a vacuum line that was loose. He went and got a line and re-connected it. After I left the car began to smoke terribly form the tailpipe. neither the anti freeze level nor oil level is low.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. With all of the recent work that has been done, there are a few possibilities for the cause of your white smoke. Typically the coolant or the oil is to blame. You have done will to monitor those fluid levels and note there has been no change. Please continue to monitor those levels throughout this process as well. If not coolant or oil, the most likely cause is fuel. It can become vaporized when it is allowed into the system abnormally. The heat from the engine vaporizes the unburned fuel and it will cause the same signs as water in the exhaust would, AKA, "white smoke". An injector or fuel pressure regulator is likely to blame. Further testing must be done. For more hlep resolving this issue, contact our service department.

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