Q: whinning/squeeling after 10 min drive

asked by on January 08, 2018

ive replaced my mas airflow sensor,intake manifold because my non return checkvalve was missing ,replaced belt tensioner, pcv hose, O2 sensor, water pump,belt, checked my spark plugs to make sure they are tight .at first it would make chirp and squeel ....then i replaced the crank seal and that stopped now it only whines and squeels after a long drive it wont squeel if i let it warm up like before i changed my crank seal it would get to operating temp and it would chirp but now that i replaced that it went away ...its only when i go for a 7 mile drive that it starts ....and i havnt got no codes but it it annoying ...i checked all my pulleys and it seems to me like its comming from the top of my valve cover its not an oem but i did replace it and i did notice it started maken that noise after i put a aftermarket valve cover but its not leaking oil around the gasket ..and my cover dose have a pcv diaphram but its not sucking air like my last one when it went out..can the diaghram be it?

My car has 65000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Alex. Thanks for the question today. It’s quite possible that the aftermarket valve cover is not sealing correctly, or when the engine gets to operating temperature, the gasket expands to create a vacuum leak. This is a common side-effect of using aftermarket components. I think the best solution to this problem would be to purchase an OEM valve cover and gasket kit, and correctly install based on the factories service and repair manual.

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