Q: When replacing the Longitudinal Torque Module with a new, OEM part do I need to have it programmed or re-calibrated after?

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I replaced the Longitudinal Torque Module on my 2014 BMW x3 with a used part from a different vehicle. Then, I trailered the vehicle and took it to a BMW mechanic to have it re-programmed. He was not able to reprogram it and said that they are likely only programmable once. He said I need to get a new part and then bring it in to have it programmed. So, I've ordered a new part and plan to put it in. The parts house which is part of a BMW dealership and service center said that the new part does not need programming. Is this true? I'm not sure who to believe. Online I can only find information on vehicles older than my 2014, and everything I've read in regard to the older vehicles states that you should have them re-calibrated or risk damaging your transfer case. Thank you

My car has 28000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The new torque module are programmed and they have software already installed. This is like a computer that is ready for use that has software on it, but when it is turned on it prompts you to set up the software. The used torque module are like a computer with old software on it but you would not be able to remove the software as it is like a disk that is not reusable. If you need further assistance with your torque module, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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