Q: When i put my Car in drive or reverse i lose power but in park or netural the voltage is normal

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I have Replaced my Alternator , My Battery , My Throttle Body and the Alternator Plug and my Belt just in case it was Slipping and my Battery light still comes on. I have recently took the car to have the Alternator tested and the battery tested and they are good, My Check Engine light Recently came on and i have a air flow leak which i have yet to find. When the car is in Park or in Neutral the voltage is strong but when the car is in Drive or Reverse the Voltage drops, I have replaced everything i Know Could u Give me the next Step or some advice Please

My car has 192000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello there, many faults will cause your battery light to be on when your 2005 Ford Crown Victoria is in drive or reverse. You have done well in replacing parts so far, but the vehicle must be diagnosed fully before any more parts are replaced. When an air leak is present it can cause the idle to fluctuate, if the idle is to low this can cause alternator output to decrease. Other likely issues are a wiring harness issue, battery cable, or the alternator fuse. A qualified Technician such as one from YourMechanic will be able to diagnose your low alternator output and make any repairs required.

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