Q: when I let off the accelerator it pulls to the left slightly

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I just bought a 2003 Alero when I let off the accelerator at pulls to the left so I checked my tire pressures and wear-and-tear for bubbles and they seem to be OK what else could be causing this issue

My car has 172000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Pulling to one side can be caused by worn or loose suspension components, or even a brake issue. Does it pull harder to the same side or the opposite when you brake ? If so, it can be due to a brake issue. A sticking brake caliper or partially collapsed brake hose can be the culprit. If the caliper is seized, the brakes will be partially applied even when your foot is not on the brake pedal. Worn suspension components can also be a cause. If components like ball joints or control arm bushings are worn, they can allow movement in suspension components under different loads - on or off the gas pedal. A certified technician can inspect the vehicle to find the exact cause of the pulling to one side.

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