Q: What items are inspected or replaced in a typical 150,000 mile maintenance service visit?

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what all is done when your mechanic does a 150,000 mile maintenance service visit, i have a 2002 nissan sentra 4 cylinder car

Hello. Try not to get don’t get sticker shocked by this but a 150000 mile service will include almost every maintenance service recommendation on the vehicle to be looked at or replaced. However not every vehicle that reaches 150000 miles will need the same services, so will be best to have a technician overlook your vehicle to see exactly which services are needed. Generally during a 150000 mile service a technician will do a high mileage oil change, check/replace the air filter, clean the throttle body, do a fuel system service, inspect the coolant, power steering, fluid transmission fluid, brake fluid etc. Check the alignment, performing tire rotation, inspect the brakes(pads rotors emergency brake etc) inspect the suspension system(tie rods and ball joints) and also replace the fuel filter, inspect charging/starting system, which will include checking the battery alternator and spark plug condition. I suggest that you have your vehicle evaluated by technician such as one from YourMechanic to determine exactly what maintenance services your vehicle needs. You can find and schedule a technician to do so here https://www.yourmechanic.com/scheduled-maintenance/nissan-sentra/?year=2002&mileage=150000 or by calling 844-249-6752

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