Q: What does it sound like if your water pump is quitting?

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We have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. It has a evap issue do the check engine like is always on. Just yesterday it stated making a loud noise that never stops. Sounds like a scrubbing whistling hissing sounds all together.

A failing water pump can do anything from leak, make no noise at all, or cause a squealing sound if the bearing is failing. A number of other components under hood can cause similar sounds. If for example, the bearings in the alternator or a/c compressor are failing, they can cause similar sounds. Also, a low power steering fluid level or failing power steering pump, can cause a whine or squealing sound. Related to all of these is the serpentine belt drive. A worn belt can make noise. Also, the belt tensioner itself can be a source of noise. If the tensioner bearing is failing, or if it simply cannot keep the proper tension on the belt, noises can occur. With so many potential sources for noises under hood, have a certified technician inspect the vehicle to find the exact cause before replacing parts at random.

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