Q: What are the requirements for a nice drifting car?

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I need to know what I need for my car to get it drift just apart from the drifting skills.......things like the suspension, engine type horsepower and the like. I also need to know how to drift with both a manual transmission and an automatic transmission car.

In order to drift you will need to have a rear wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, you will only drift by pulling the emergency brake which is not good for the emergency brake nor is it practical for racing purposes. You will want to have a lot of horsepower for the weight of the vehicle. The power to weight ratio must be very high. It is ideal to have independent suspension all around on a vehicle used for drifting with high performance shocks or struts. As for learning to drift, I would simply recommend practicing. I would also recommend only doing this on a race track with safety equipment rather than on the street where an accident is likely to occur.

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