Q: What are the normal operating temp ranges for the 2015 Chrysler 200 2.4 engine and transmission?

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The code P0128 appeared. I had the thermostat housing( thermostat, coolant sensor, and thermostat gasket) replaced. The check engine light has not returned, but the temperature gauge for the engine, it goes up and down. The highest temperature reached 230 degrees, but gauge was a little past the middle. The transmission gauge highest temp reached 174 degrees. CEL light has not reappeared as of yet. I have detected a faint odor of antifreeze when exiting vehicle.....The reservoir container is at the maximum level...Is it safe to operate my vehicle at these temps?

My car has 53000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Mr. T. Thanks for contacting us today. 230 degrees is on the upper threshold of normal operating temperature for the 2.4-liter Chrysler 200 engine. In most cases, the radiator fan will kick on around 200 and can increase temperature to about 230, but this is again on the upper limit of "normal". If the coolant is thin, meaning it’s more water than coolant or is using regular tap water instead of distilled water, the average temperature will be about 10 - 15 degrees higher than normal. It’s possible that you have an obstruction of debris inside the heater core, or perhaps a coolant temperature sensor is not working correctly. I would recommend flushing the coolant, and making sure that you have a 50/50 ratio of distilled water to coolant or have a professional mechanic come to your location to complete a car is running hotter than normal inspection.

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