Q: wastold my car was bad. Car started surging while in the middle of driving. Rpms jump back and fourth

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Few issues. I have a radiator leak in seal, constantly draining resevoir. I ordered one online along with spark plugs and thermostat. #2 terminals are bad on battery but battery is good, sometimes car won't start when you turn it over it just makes one click like battery is dead but everything comes on. I keep trying and it will start. #3 was told my cat converter was bad. Codes P0430&P0420 show up. All of a sudden while in the middle of driving my engine started surging. My car was jerking back and fourth and rpms would go up as I was accelerating and then back down while driving the same speed. Also my transmission is leaking I do believe. Just got this car from someone nothing was happening until the next day of course. Plan to replace everything my self. The cheapest fixes as I can. Car might not be worth it. Thank you

My car has 221000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. We will break down the different issues, but at this point, you are likely looking at several hundred dollars in repairs, if not into the thousands. The most concerning part is the catalytic converter and the transmission. These are pricey and labor intensive repairs that typically are done by someone who welds (although you can use clamps for a new catalytic converter), and a transmission specialist. The battery terminals that connect to the battery from the car are replaced by either replacing the entire wire, or splicing in new battery terminals on the end of the wires. Replacing the entire wire is more likely to cause less issues down the road. The surging is likely a response from the engine pertaining to the exhaust and catalytic converter issue. Correct this and the transmission leak, and the surging will likely go away. For more help with these repairs, or a full inspection of the vehicle, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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