Q: Washer fluid leak

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I suspect my washer fluid has a leak somewhere because although i seldom even use it, the low washer fluid warning would come on about a week later after i refill however i could see water dripping on the bottom front panel of the car just below the washer fluid bottle . What should be done or changed? I dont think the washer bottle is cracked or broken since the car is new and never had an accident

Hi Brazil. Thanks for contacting us today. The windshield wiper fluid reservoir can break for multiple reasons, especially if water is added to the fluid tank and mixed with wiper fluid. When temperatures fall below 32 degrees, the water inside the tank will freeze, causing cracking. However, it’s also possible that the fluid washer pump or one of the lines may have come loose. Before you complete any repairs, having the root issue discovered and correctly diagnosed would be our recommendation.

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