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Not so much a problem. I'm looking to buy a van very shortly and I need some advice as to which way to go. I have been inspecting a Volkswagon Transporter 2006 T5 Manual MY06, 4 cylinder 1.9 diesel engine. Wondering if you knew much about them, and if they were a reliable car.

If not, would you know where I could look to find some more manufacturing information on them, or recall history.

Cheers, Jim

Hi there. Volkswagen’s history of dependability on their larger four-cylinder diesel engines is rather impressive. In recent years, their reputation has taken a huge hit, however it was with their smaller, consumer car division. The Transporter is fairly smooth to drive (for a larger van), and has a good and affordable service record. You might want to review reliable third-party reviews on Edmunds.com for further info.

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