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Q: Very intermittent stall (once only) or rough idle after warm restart. Engine system service required warning comes and goes.

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Roughly two months ago the car stalled after a warm start - it had only been off for a few minutes but was able to start after 30 minutes. It was a cold day - first -10C of the year and a full tank of gas. I had an intermittent engine system service required warning which disappeared after a couple of days. My local mechanic (not a Volvo shop) read the codes and it indicated there could be a problem with the fuel pump but the problem did not reappear. This morning my wife had a near stall (rough start) after turning it off for a few minutes after approx. 15 minutes of driving - but no stall - and engine system service warning reappeared. Once again it was very cold (-25 Celcius) and a full tank of gas.

I'd rather not replace the fuel pump if it's not necessary and so am wondering, since it is so intermittent (only twice in 2 months), if it could be something else. Any thoughts would be welcome.


My car has 116000 miles.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. Fuel pump issues and malfunctions do often start out intermittently. If the fuel pump is the problem, you can expect it to increase in frequency until it completely fails. It would be beneficial to know why he thought it was a fuel pump issue, but a fuel pressure test may be able to shed more light on the situation. A step you can take, specifically in cold weather, is to turn the key to the "On" position for a moment before turning over the engine. This will give the pump a moment to prime before the engine makes its demands. Catching that warning light and reading those codes is another step you can take to make sure it’s the same problem occurring again. Get a second opinion, do some further testing, or just go ahead and replace the fuel pump considering the first diagnosis.

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  • Very intermittent stall (once only) or rough idle after warm restart. Engine system service required warning comes and goes.

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